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 Amador City and Amador County



Jose Maria Amador (1777-1883)

Businessman and Rancher in California

Amador City and Amador County Named after him.

In California, United States.

Jose Maria Amador, a wealthy California rancher mined along a nameless creek in 1848 and 1849. His presence gave his surname to the creek, two villages on its banks, and, in 1854, a new county. There was no settlement where Amador City is now until the summer of 1851, after gold outcroppings had been prospected on both sides of "Amadore's Creek", upstream several hundred yards from downtown. The "Original" or "Little" Amador mine and the Spring Hill were probably Amador County's first gold mines. With the discovery of such quartz gold, the settlement that was upstream where the stage road crossed "Amadore's creek" or Amador Crossing, gradually moved to "South Amadore" or Amador City where French Gulch drains into the creek. The city's most famous and productive mine, the Keystone was organized in 1853 out of two or more claims and before it closed for good in 1942 it produced in intermittent operation about $24 million in gold at much lower gold prices

AMADOR. County seat, Jackson. Created June 14, 1854. The county and city are named for Jose Maria Amador, the soldier, rancher and miner, who was born in San Francisco in 1794, the son of Sergeant Pedro Amador, a Spanish soldier who settled in California in 1771. In 1848, Jose Maria Amador, with several Indians, established a successful gold mining camp near the present town of Amador. In Spanish, the word amador means "one who loves."

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