The Amador Family World Genealogy Project


The Amador Family World Genealogy Project was started in February of  2011.

It was an idea to create a historical collection of the Amador Family, the people, the countries, the origins, and the cultures that has been influenced by the members of this Family Name. This idea originally came as my cousin and I spoke about preserving history and family stories.  She passes away of Cancer on August 2010 and was a teacher for the Houston Independent  School District. I give her all the credit for convencing me that this was a great thing to do. So that we all have something concrete to pass down to our families.

We hope that all Amador Family members world wide will join the movement to create a long and lasting family book that will be handed down from generation to generation. We are one family no matter where we live.  


When I started this project, I did not really realize the journey I would be taken. To really convey this, is really hard, what you learn about your past sometimes astonishes you and sometimes disappoints you. It, of course is something you can’t change . I started this small project in 2011, after my cousin Anya “Zoey” Francis Herrera Zelaya past away of cancer. She was the inspirations for me starting this. The life she lead was very short, but to me very profound. As a teacher she touched so many people in so many ways she really inspired me to do something for the futures so, I started this book. I would like to call it a book, but it will never be called a book and should probably never be called that. The reason, because it will never be finished and should never be finished. It is my hope that decedents of this project continue the research, the genealogy, and add their own personal touches to it and continues on.

This project is dedicated to those in the past, to those in the present, and for those to come in the future.  

“God is with you always, no matter were your faith lies.”

Author. Anya “Zoey” Francis Herrera Zelaya

(June 29, 1983-August 16, 2010)


Philips Albert Amador Zelaya

August 23, 2011



Let's build a world family tree.  


All information provided to this project will be used to create a Family Archive. The Amador Families are the sole benefactors of this long standing Family project. All information provided will be handled with most secure understanding that such and all informtion will be used for the project and its development.

The Amador Family World Genealogy Project will never ask for personal information other than that which will be used to develop the project, such as names of relatives to create a full family tree.

Ideas or comments or wish to donate please contact us.

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