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 The Amador Family Crests

1. The one with the Lion is the Original and comes from Spain.

2. The one with the Eagles is said to have come from Portugal and then parts of Italy.

3. The one with the Stars is know to have come from Italy.

4. The one with the Arrow was a Family Crest used by Baltazar Amador sometime in the 1500's.

5. The last one was found in Italy and it bears the name of Giovani Di Francesco Amadori descendants of

     the Amador line and dated 1490. ( Two years before Columbus landed in America)

      The crest for Amador and Amadori are the same.

      Interesting note: Giovani Di Francesco Amadori was Michaelangelo's pupil and friend, and assisted   

      Michaelangelo while he painted the Sistene Chapel.


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The Amador Family Origins  


 Spelling Variations Amado, Amados, Amador, Amdo, Amedo, and others. This line used the Spanish Family Crest. ( The Amador lines uses 3 Family Crests).

The reason for the different family crest is unclear at this time,( but probably to determine location)  however the one with the lion seems to be earliest. The lion is also used on the flag for Leon, Nicaragua and was called “ Santiago de Los Caballeros de Leon” (Leon City Order of Santiago of which many Amadors were members of the Knight of Santiago in Spain. It is also embeded in other Flags around the world.

The Amador surname also derived from the Latin word “ Amatus “meaning “beloved”.

The surname is the same as Amado or Amador, , according to D. Juan Antonio de Hoces Sarmiento, who was a columnist and King of arms of King Philip V,(1683-1746). The name actually went back to a Catalonian family of this name that was descended from one of the Gothic Knights who took refuge in the mountains of Jaca when the Saracen invasion or so called the Arab/Moorish invasion which occurred around the years 711 and 718. They fortified themselves in the Mountains of Cloth. (also called Pyreness Mountains) By gathering the handful of brave knights in San Juan de la Peña to appoint leader to take them to re conquer the lost ground. The leader chosen was Lord Garci Ximenez who became first King of Navarre in 717 and then King of Sobrabe from 724-758 . One Knight amongst them, Don Alvaro, was said to have shown so much bravery that Garci called him “ El Amado” ( “The Beloved“) and subsequently placed all his trust in him. From this Gothic Knight, is that our surname supposedly comes from. His descendant, Don Alvaro Ramiro (Ramito) Amado, founded the first primitive solar near Jaca, his lineage and that of his sons continues on till today.. For their services they received lands at Tomiless, and the town of Olleria. King Philip II (1527-1598) (Reign 1544-1598) also recognized Francisco Amado, his great grandson sometime after 1544 at the former home of “The Beloved” in Tornils, securing his nobility. That lineage was established in Carcagente and also the province of Valencia, and such a lineage continues: as “Amador”

I. Juan Amador, a native of Carcagente, who married Dona Francisca Gilbert, and were parents.

II. Juan Amador, son, , a native of Carcagente, who married Gertrudis Navarro, a native of Villanueva de Castellón, judicial district of Alberic, born of that union.

III. Francisco Amador, a native of Carcagente that on January 1, 1708 served under the command of Dasphel, general commander of the army and kingdom of Valencia. King, given his noble ancestry, was granted a patent of Captain of Infantry, with which the war was found manning the streets of Montesa, Denia and Alcira. This Francis married Dona Vicenta Giberto, a native of Valencia (daughter of Peter Giberto, a native of Alberic, and his wife, Dona Vicenta Villarrasa, a native of Valencia), and were parents.

IV. Felipe Amador y Giberto, baptized May 3, 1706 natural of Carcagente (Carcaixent), Lieutenant Colonel of Cavalry, First Assistant to the military command in Madrid and Knight of Santiago, whose Order was admitted on May 20, 1761.

Another mention of this line was in the city of Fraga (Huesca), which proceeded Messer Baltasar Amador, who practiced law in 1599 in the city. In 1603 he was Professor of Law at Prima University of Zaragoza, Aragon Lieutenant of Justice, whose jurisdiction administered since 1611. Vilar and Psayla (Spanish Historians) stated that Amador had many other families in the solar of the mountains of Leon.

Others include Pedro Amador, living in Quesada, he was Knighted in 1492 for his service against the Moors. Two other Amadors who were inducted in The Order of Saint John of Jerusalem they were Felipe Amador de Escobedo from Martos inducted in 1631 and Felipe Amador de Escobedo also from Martos inducted 1650.

The following received the nobility from The Royal Chancery of Granada - these were:

Diego Amado Gil, from Zahara (Cadiz) in 1804;

Juan Lucas Amado y Sarmiento, from Cantilla (Sevilla) in1786;

Hernando and Pedro Amador, from Cazorla in 1546;

Pedro, Diego, y Fernando Amador de Lezcano, from Villacarrillo in 1613;

Diego, Pedro y Hernando Amador Lezcano, from Villacarrillo in 1545;

Pedro Y Francisco Amador de Lezcano, from Huete(Cuenca) in 1611;

Fernando Amador Martinez, from Cazorla, in 1540; y

Pedro Amador Martinez, from Ocana (Toledo) in 1548.

Other proved their nobility and being members of The Holy Office of the Inquisition:

Pedro Amador de Lazcano, from Villacarrilo, Knights of Hidalgo, to officiate in Cordova in 1628 and Juan Amador Llaner Domenech Y Colomina, from Carcaixent (Valencia), to officiate in Valcencia in 1630.

Juan Alonso Amado y Sarmiento, from Villaverde obtained nobility in 1711.

Some of the first settlers of the Amador Family were:

Juan Amador Dominican Republic 1534

Francisco Amador Guatemala 1538

Simon Amador Peru 1586

Juana Benitez Amador Peru 1592 

Amador Settlers in 19th Century:

Juan Amador Dominican Republic 1834

Francisco Amador San Francisco, Cal 1851

Anselmo Amador Puerto Rico 1860

Simon Amador Peru 1886

Interesting Notes:Francisco Amador (1832-1895), He was the Prefect of  Matagalpa, Nicaragua and Treasures of the Army of  the Septention ( Prefecto y Tesorero del Ejército del Septentrion.)

Martin Amador - A New Mexico outlaw, Amador was hanged for murder in Deming, on January 13, 1908. Santos Amador Quispe (born April 6, 1982 in Santa Cruz de la Sierra) is a Bolivian professional footballer currently playing for Nacional Potosí in Bolivia. He plays as a defender and has played for San José, Guabirá, Real Potosí and Wilstermann, all in Bolivia. He also won a national title in 2007. 

And others you will read about.


The Amador Family Origin as the name

progressed through Italy



Origin of the Name came for the proper name AMADEUS, dating back to the Roman Empire. Originating from both Italian and Spanish ancestry, however the Amador and several other  line seem to be linked directly to  the Amadors of Spain.  

Spelling Variations in ItalyThe surname Amador in Italy has spelling variations that include Amdur, Amdor, Amados, Amadeus,Amador,  Amadori, Amados, Amdour, Amadour, Amatore, Amaturi and Amadorucci.


Many of these families use the same Italian Family Family Crest, these families are realated.( Crest with the Birds and or the Star )

Patronimic, from the Latin name Amadeus, that who loves God

Amador is a surname that has recordings as far back as 14th-century in Italy. Meaning that Amadors may haven been migrating to Italy during or before that time. Amador, which first appeared in Tuscany, Italy, in 1530, is a surname that was recorded in a time when only persons of rank or nobility were recorded. It is believe that the some Amador descendants moved to Italy during this time.

First found in old Tuscany records of Noblemen in 1530. Tuscana a territorial division of Italy with nine province and three universities which are in Florence , Pisa, and Siena, This was home of the Medici when they returned to Tuscany in the same year of 1530 where they held until 1737. Francis was elected emperor in 1745 and Leopold I succeeded, down to Ferdinad III in 1793. In 1799 it was sacked by a French Revolutionary force and remained French until 1847. In 1861 it joined the Kingdom of Italy. In those ancient times only persons of rank, the podesta, clergy , city officials. Army officers, artist, and landowners were entered into the records. To be recorded at this time at the beginning of recorded history was of itself a great distinction and indicative of noble ancestry. 

It is also interesting to know that Amador was intertwined to a similar last names one of that being Amadori in italy, both families use the same Family Crest (Crest with Star) This particular line was the one of the ancestral lines of the Amadors and on that note Albieri Di Giovanni Amadori in 1453 married Ser Piero da Vinci who son was none other than Leonardo Da Vinci. Leonardo was born in 1452, to Sier Pietro daVinci and Catalina ( whom were never married). Just shy of his 1st birthday Ser Pietro married Albieri Di Giovanni Amadori, becoming his mother. Her brother Franceso Di Giovanny Amadori was Michalelangelo's Pupil and long time friend.( Amador and Amadori use the same crest)

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