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The Amador Family History and Legacy around the World




Great Grandfather Filiberto (Paul) Oppenheimer, my Grandmother Maria Cristina Amador and her mother.

Great Grandma Rosa (Rose) Amadot

My Grandmother Francisca Rodriguez Briones

My Grandfather Felix Alberto Zelaya Jarquin

My Father and Mother


About the Author


Family Crests



Italy and Portugal

Portugal and Italy


The Amador Origins Amador Origins and History

As the name progressed though Italy


Amadors thougout History

Benoco Amador in Italy and Portugal

Ginevra Amadori in Italy

Giovanni Francesco Amadori in Rome

Sir Felipe Amador Gilbert and the Order of Santiago

Pedro Amador at Santa Maria, Segovia, Spain

Baltazar Amador in Fraga, Spain.

Juan de Dios Amador in Colombia

Carlos Coroliano Amador in Colombia

Ramon Amaya Amador in Honduras

Charles Amador in Mexico

Pedro Amador in California

Jose Maria Amador in California

Sinofora Amador in San Francisco

Brigadier General Valentine Amador at the Alamo (from Cuba)

The Amador Family in New Mexico

Manuel Amador Guerrero in Panama

Benito Amador in Puerto Rico

Marcelino Amador in Cuba

Carlos Fonseca Amador in Nicaragua


Religious Heritage

The Catholic Connection

The Jewish Connection


Places Named Amador

Amador City and County

History of Amador County

Amador Township, Chisago, Minesota

Fort Amador

Amador Causeway Islands (Islas Calzadas de Amador)



List of Amador Soilders in History

In The American Civil War

At The Alamo

In and Listed on the Vietnam War Memorial

In the Korean War

In Pearl Harbor

In World War I

In World War II


All information provided to this project will be used to create a Family Archive. The Amador Families are the sole benefactors of this long standing Family project. All information provided will be handled with most secure understanding that such and all information will be used for the project and its development.

The Amador Family World Genealogy Project will never ask for personal information other than that which will be used to develop the project, such as names of relatives to create a full family tree.

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