The Amador Family World Genealogy Project


We wish to thank all those who have donated

their time and finances to this project. 


 Yuni Amador (Costa Rica)

Dr. Eli Pelayo Rodriguez Amador (New York)

Amador Family Charitable Foundation

Philips Albert Amador Zelaya (United States)

Pedro Amador (Nicaragua)

Alejandro Ney Amador (Nicaragua)

Jose Antonio Amador (Panama)

Patrick J. Amador (New Mexico)

The Oppenheimer Family (United States)

Rabbi M.D. Goffman (U.S)

William (Bill) Amador (Nicaragua)

Eddy Kuhl, and his book "Matagalpa y sus Gentes", Author (Nicaragua)

and many others.

Donations  are greatly appreciated and accepted.

Please send checks for any amount to

 Philips Amador at 1391 Nw 30th Street, Miami, Florida 33142.

Please include and e-mail address or contact us at



All information provided to this project will be used to create a Family Archive. The Amador Families are the sole benefactors of this long standing Family project. All information provided will be handled with most secure understanding that such and all information will be used for the project and its development.

The Amador Family World Genealogy Project will never ask for personal information other than that which will be used to develop the project, such as names of relatives to create a full family tree.

Ideas or comments or wish to donate please contact us.

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